Tank Washing & Cleaning for Wine Producers

Dasic TankClean offer various cleaning technologies for the Wine Industry. The units are selected to give the best possible cleaning for each application whilst minimising production down time and waste effluents.

There are various applications within the Wine Industry for clean in place (CIP) within the wine making process. Once crushed, grapes undergo a process known as primary fermentation. Once primary fermentation is complete the wine is held in tanks for cold and heat stabilization.

Initial Fermentation Process – The variety of mixers and screens employed in some tank designs can present a challenging cleaning requirement. The positioning of tank washing machines is critical to get a full clean.

Cold Stabilization – Usually carried out in large stainless steel tanks up to 80,000 litres, the process is used to reduce the tartrate crystals in the wine. This procedure is carried out by reducing the wine temperature to close to freezing point for 1 to 2 weeks. The tartrate crystals are attracted to the tank surfaces and remain there once the product is drained. Complete washing and sterilization of these tanks is vital prior to adding the next batch of wine.

Secondary Fermentation and Bulk Ageing – this process requires between three and six months to complete. This takes place in either large stainless steel tanks or more traditional oak barrels depending on the final taste the wine maker is looking for. Once the process is complete the tanks are fully rinsed, caustic washed and hot water rinsed.