Ancillary Equipment

Dasic Marine supply a range of ancillary equipment which compliments the Gas Freeing Fans, Tank Washing Machines, Marine Anti-Piracy and Pump products. These items can be purchased individually or as part of a package of equipment.

Ancilliaries Include:

  • Flexible Ducting + Flexible hoses and couplings
  • Tripod Lifting Equipment, Hose Saddles, Trolleys, Deck Adaptors

The Range

Ancillary Ducting

Flexible Ducting

Made from strong PVC coated nylon our Flexible Ducting can be used in any ducting application but especially compliments the wide range of Dasic Gas Freeing Fans.

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Layflat Hoses

Layflat and Rigid Hose

Dasic Marine’s range of Layflat and Rigid Hose has been introduced to compliment the wide range of Dasic products from Tankwashing machines to Gas Freeing Fans.

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Couplings / Adapters

Couplings / Adaptors

Dasic Marine offer a wide range of couplings suitable for use in multiple industries across the world. We can supply couplings either individually of as part of a pre-asembled hose.

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