Offshore Applications include:

FPSO’s and FSU’s – (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) are either modified VLCC or purpose built ship shaped floating vessels for Oil Production applications. These vessels attract the same tank cleaning and gas freeing issues as a Crude Tanker.

Supply Vessels – deliver and remove equipment and waste for the oil production facility.Built into some supply vessels are the drilling mud tanks.This drilling mud is used to lubricate the drilling system during oil exploration and field development.

Dasic products for Oil Production Applications:

Gas Freeing

  • Jetfan 125 and Jetfan 70 – used for gas freeing cargo holds

Tank Cleaning

  • Model A MK11 and Mini A – used for COW washing.
  • Junior Bronze – used as a portable tank cleaning machine for smaller tank cleaning applications
  • Junior Bronze Mud – used for cleaning out mud tanks on supply vessels D3000 Stainless Steel Mud