Ice Class (Polar Class) Vessels

Vessels of any kind operating in ice-infested waters and low temperatures are exposed to a number of unique demands. Operation in first- and multi-year ice adds high loads and forces to hull, propulsion system and appendages and calls for specifically designed vessels suitable for the environment. Extremely low temperatures, bad weather and low visibility affect the ship and the crew in a multitude of ways, including materials, machinery, operational process and human factors.

Critical factors of design are:

  • ICE / Polar Classification
  • Structural design and equipment selection
  • Materials, welding and coatings
  • Propulsion and machinery systems
  • Cargo & ship systems adaptation
  • Ice accretion and de-icing arrangements
  • Winterization
  • Safety & environmental systems consideration
  • Crew consideration / human factors
  • Rescue and evacuation in remote and extreme conditions
  • New Arctic shipping routes

Dasic have a range of Gas Freeing Fans which have been developed for various levels of ice operation:

  • Jetfan 85 Steam Driven: an adaptation of the water and air driven version.
  • Jetfan 65 Steam Driven: an adaptation of the air driven Jetfan 65
  • Jetfan 65 Hydraulic Driven: a fully hydraulic oil driven machine for ice operations