Tank Cleaning for the Food Industry

The food industry has a vast array of process equipment requiring cleaning. From dried powder foods to pet foods the range of products has its own characteristics and manufacturing processes which effect the type of CIP system used.
Cleaning has an important part to play in the production process and has to be maintained in accordance with Food Standards Agency and other applicable legislation.
Fast freeze equipment has complex shaped belting and pipe work arrangements and the positioning of multiple small cleaning heads has to be carefully designed to ensure that all areas are cleaned.

Mixer vessels have agitators which present a problem for cleaning head position as not only the top but the undersides of the paddles require cleaning.

Raw materials storage vessels can range from simple vessels or have mixers, agitators and cooling or heating pipe work loops.

Dasic TankClean offer a design service to model the cleaning head position to ensure there are no shadow areas and the cleaning process is effective to meet the applicable legislation.