Tank Cleaning for the Distilling Industry

Dasic TankClean offer various cleaning technologies for the Distilling Industry, the units are selected to give the best possible cleaning for each application whilst minimising costly waste effluents, which have an impact on the overall cost and profitability of the distilling process and the environment.

There are many varied demands for clean in place (CIP) in the Distilling process, and selection of the correct system for each application has a significant impact on the efficiency of cleaning.

The Mash Tuns have complex pipe work and agitators installed in them. To ensure full hygienic cleaning multiple CIP heads are installed. They are generally cleaned with hot water and a caustic solution.

Washbacks are where the initial fermenting process takes place. The mash bubbles as it ferments and leaves residue of yeast and barley which can affect the efficiency of the cleaning heads. These Washbacks require cleaning to a hygienic condition so that the next batch of mash is not contaminated. Cleaning is with hot water and caustic solution.

Yeast Tanks have to be cleaned to a hygienic condition to ensure no contamination which could affect the fermentation process.

Low Wines & Feints Receiver these tanks can be complex in design and have many compartments, selection and positioning of the CIP equipment is very important.

Spirit Receiver CIP applications are much less arduous than in other areas of the distilling process as the product is a clean high alcohol content spirit.