Tank Cleaning for the Dairy Industry

From raw milk to yoghurts and cheeses, the manufacturing processes in the dairy industry vary vastly but each process requires efficient hygienic cleaning to ensure there is no product contamination and that the live cultures of bacteria used in many of the dairy production processes are effective.

The production equipment used can be quite complex, usually with mixers or agitators some with cooling pipe work. This makes the CIP system more complex than that for simple shaped vessels. The type and positioning has to be designed carefully to ensure that there are no shadow areas which will remain contaminated.

Milk Tanks are one of the easiest vessels in the dairy industry to clean, the tanks are simple shapes and milk is very easy to rinse away.

Ice Cream production uses batch pasteurizing vessels which have agitators built into them, these vessels usually need more than one cleaning head to ensure total cleaning.

Cheese production uses very complex shaped vessels, the cheese vat contain stirrers and cutters many of which are removable. The cleaning system has to be designed to clean all areas of the vat.

Butter silos allow the continuous transfer of butter from the butter maker to the packaging machine, these silos hold large quantities of butter and can be supplied with full CIP system. They can be complex in shape so positioning of the cleaning heads requires specific design.