Crude Oil Tanker

Crude Oil Tankers fall into six main classifications

  • 10,000–24,999 DWT: General Purpose Tanker
  • 25,000–44,999 DWT: Medium Range Tanker
  • 45,000–79,999 DWT: Long Range 1 (LR1)
  • 80,000–159,999 DWT: Long Range 2 (LR2)
  • 160,000–319,999 DWT: Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC)
  • 320,000–549,999 DWT: Ultra Large Crude Carrier (ULCC)

For long range haulage of crude oil in large quantities the VLCC is more commonly used.
However certain shipping routes have specific limitations and design requirements due to width of canals or lock sizes. (Panama Canal, Suez Canal) and these have specific design designations. Dasic Marine has a range of products for the various tanker sizes.