Chemical & Product Carriers

Product carriers are more sophisticated vessels than crude oil tankers as they have to be capable of carrying different types of cargoes. Dedicated product carriers have coated cargo tanks that are easy to drain and clean and that protect the cargo from contamination. Product carriers tend to be smaller than crude tankers. These vessels are primarily used in the short-haul intra-regional product trades, where their size and flexibility affords significant potential for higher utilization rates. Larger ships, such as Panamax and Aframax product tankers are increasingly being employed on long-haul product routes originating from the Middle East to take advantage of economies of scale.

HandySize: 10,000 – 30,000 dwt – Small tankers primarily carrying finished petroleum products.
Handymax: 30,001 – 50,000 dwt – These are a larger version of the Handysize vessels and popular for product carriers. These vessels have a large variation in size and characteristics.
Panamax: 50,001 dwt – 80,000 dwt – The maximum size ship that can pass through the locks of the Panama Canal.
Capesize: 80,001 dwt – 199,000 dwt – These vessels that are too large to pass through the locks of either the Panama or Suez Canals. As a result, these vessels must travel around the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa or Cape Horn in South America to their destinations.

Dasic products used on Product Carriers:

  • Portable Tank Washing:- D3000, D4000, Orbitor
  • Fixed Installation: -Orbitor, D3000, D4000
  • Gas Freeing Fans: -Jetfan 70, Jetfan 65
  • Anti-Piracy Water Canon:-Nemesis 5000