Tank Cleaning for the Chemical Industry

The Chemical Industry has ideal applications for CIP where health and safety is paramount and many of the products being used can be toxic or flammable.

There are many different products and processes which require varying standards cleaning dependant on the criticality level of the application.

Many of the additives and products are very expensive and recovery of the residues with a high level of cleaning can have a major impact on a company’s profitability.

Product contamination also has a significant impact on productivity, with a highly efficient, repeatable cleaning techniques the risk of this will be minimised.

The Dasic Jetstream range is ideal for cleaning vessels and tanks as it gives a repeatable high degree of cleaning with the minimum use of expensive cleaning solvents and time. This results in reduced effluent disposal and down time between production batches.

The rotary spray balls are used in smaller applications and are particularly common in many dry powder processes. They are also used in tanks and vessels where a wash and rinse is acceptable for process cleaning.

Many of the process vessels can have complex shapes or have mixers and pipe work inside them. This can cause shadows where cleaning may not be totally effective. Dasic can carry out analysis of the vessel design and advise the best selection and positioning of the CIP equipment in the vessel to give the most efficient clean.