Tank Cleaning for the Brewing Industry

Dasic TankClean offer various cleaning technologies for the Brewing Industry, the units are selected to give the best possible cleaning for each application whilst minimising costly waste effluents, which have an impact on the overall cost and profitability of the Brewing Process and environmental implications.

There are many varied demands for clean in place (CIP) in the brewing process, and selection of the correct system for each application has a significant impact on the efficiency of cleaning.

The Brew House has some of the most difficult applications to clean in the brewing process. The significant issues are the size of the tanks, the high operating temperatures and the high percentage of sediment remaining in the tanks.

The Fermentation Vessels vary in shape and size and require a high level of cleaning to ensure removal of the yeast and other sediments which build up in the bottom of the tanks.

Efficient Cleaning of the Yeast Tanks can be hindered by many installations having an agitator installed. Positioning of the cleaning points is critical to ensure efficient cleaning, and multiple cleaning points are generally used.

The Majority of the Tanks used in Conditioning are horizontal with the need for good bottoms removal

Finished or Bright Beer CIP applications are much less arduous than in other areas of the brew process as the product is sediment free and is at the final stage of the brew process.