Orbitor Stormblaster

The Stormblasters are specially modified tank cleaning machines ideally suited to applications in the water & sewage industry. Storm overfill tanks are used to hold the excess water from the sewage system after heavy rainfall, to prevent overloading treatment plants. This water is typically made up of a large number contaminants and may be stored for several days leading to considerable sediment build up. Particularly toxic and foul smelling residues can form due to the bacterial action of biological agents. Eductor systems are traditionally used to create a whirlpool effect as the tank drains in an attempt to dislodge debris and residue.

By contrast the Stormblaster is designed to rotate through its 360° wash cycle with nozzles delivering powerful cleaning jets in the downward arc; cutting out on the upward arc to prevent overspill & upward spraying. Heavy or tough residue concentrated on the bottom or sides of the tanks is easily removed while the high pressure jets effectively break down debris lodged in filtration screens. The result is a fast, efficient, targeted clean. To reduce water consumption still further each machine is custom made to order, matching the specified wash area with cycle times, available operating pressure and flow rate requirements.

Machine Features

  • Jet length up to 15.5 m
  • Tank Ø < 31m
  • Nozzles 8
  • Weight 10 kg
  • Concentrated jets with limited /no overspill
  • Downpipe designed to suit application
  • Minimum moving parts for ease of use
  • Ideal for water utilities & open tanks
  • Customer specific wash patterns