Orbitor Dual Head

The Orbitor Dual Head is a versatile tank cleaning machine. All 8 nozzles can jet simultaneously to deliver the densest wash pattern available to a full 360° clean.

The unique Dual Head design excels when configured for open tank washing. The wash pattern can be set from 180° to 85°
down wash, concentrating the jets in the areas requiring cleaning and reducing waste water. As the machine rotates through its 360° cycle the nozzles deliver powerful cleaning jets in the downward arc and cut out on the upward arc to prevent overspill and upward spraying. At any one time 4 nozzles are open for an effective and constant downward washing action. This modification is ideally suited for applications where heavy residue is concentrated on the bottom of tanks or across filtering structures such as storm screens in the water utilities sector.

Machine Features

  • Ideal for smaller tanks, easily fits Ø100mm apertures (4”); Ø85mm* (3”) *when vertically aligned
  • Ideal for open tanks up to 30m diam (* based on 180° wash pattern)
  • Safety & quality certified to ATEX (on request)
  • Configured to order, reducing water consumption
  • Minimum moving parts for extended operating life, reduced down time & ease of maintenance
  • Self-lubricating, avoids contamination
  • Effective cleaning, even at low operating pressures
  • Materials of manufacture:-
    • Body 316L Stainless Steel
    • Gears PEEK
    • Bushes Carbon PTFE

Technical Information

  • Max height 337mm
  • Min tank opening 270mm
  • Weight 10 kg
  • Inlet connection 1.5” BSP
  • Operating temperature range Up to 95°C (to 60°C/ATEX)
  • Cycle times Variable: approx. 10-17 mins