Orbitor 4 Nozzle

The Orbitor 4 Nozzle delivers a dense wash pattern for an exceptional clean at the highest CIP standards required in the food, brewing, beverage, dairy & chemical industries.

The machine is designed to fully self-clean during operation. Its profile’s rounded contouring and smoothness of finish ensures no residue can be trapped in the outer or inner mechanism. With seals that self-flush and the cleaning media itself lubricating the gear box, there is no risk of contamination or product build up. Due to the Orbitor’s low starting torque it can also be used with low supply pressures.

To achieve 100% efficient cleaning with the minimum possible water consumption, each machine is custom made / configured to order, matching cycle times, available operating pressure and flow rate requirements.
The Orbitor 4 Nozzle is available in 2 finishes: standard for general industrial purposes & highly polished (0.8Ra internal; 0.5Ra external) for hygienic use. ATEX certification is available on request.

Machine Features

  • Ideal for tanks from <10m to 26m diam where a dense wash pattern is required
  • Safety & quality certified to ATEX / BV standards
  • Configured to order, reducing water consumption
  • Available in 2 surface finishes: standard & hygienic
  • Minimum moving parts for extended operating life, reduced down time & ease of maintenance
  • Self-cleaning & lubricating, avoids contamination
  • Effective cleaning, even at low operating pressures
  • Materials of manufacture:-
    • Body 316L Stainless Steel
    • Gears PEEK
    • Bushes Carbon PTFE

Technical Information

  • Max height 312mm
  • Min tank opening Ø 125mm
  • Weight 6 kg
  • Inlet connection 1.5” BSP
  • Operating temperature range Up to 95°C (to 60°C/ATEX)
  • Cycle times variable approx. 10-17 mins