Orbitor 100

New to the Orbitor range in 2016, the Orbitor 100 is the compact edition of the classic Orbitor: a self-lubricated, self-cleaning tank washing machine. It features the same versatility & simplicity of operation whilst delivering all the economy & high impact cleaning of the larger unit to smaller tank sizes or confined spaces.

It’s compact design means the Orbitor 100 can fit effortlessly through a 100mm opening to deliver the powerful clean of a unit double its size to tanks traditionally serviced by less effective rinsing & wetting devices. By aligning the nozzles vertically (see schematic on data sheet) the unit even passes readily though Ø3”BSP access point.

Machine Features

  • Ideal for smaller tanks, easily fits Ø100mm apertures (4”); Ø85mm* (3”) *when vertically aligned
  • Safety & quality certified to ATEX / BV
  • Configured to order, reducing water consumption
  • Minimum moving parts to ensure extended operating life, reduced down time & ease of maintenance
  • Available in 2 surface finishes: standard & hygienic
  • Self-cleaning & lubricating avoids contamination
  • Materials of manufacture:-
    • Body 316L Stainless Steel
    • Gears PEEK
    • Bushes Carbon PTFE

Technical Information

  • Max height 194mm
  • Min tank opening Ø 100mm (85mm*)
  • Weight 2.5kg
  • Inlet connection ¾ “ or 1” BSP/NPT
  • Operating temperature up to 95°C (to 60°C / ATEX)
  • Cycle/Wash times dependant on specification
  • range 10-20 minutes