Gas Freeing Fans

Gas build up within confined spaces such as tanks, sumps and drains can be a major risk to life.

The Dasic gas freeing fans have been used to gas free and make safe confined man access areas for the last 30 years. With over 3,000 fans sold for this type of application.

The fans can be supplied with either penetration or extraction air flow to suit the gas freeing application.

Supplied in stainless steel and of a fully non sparking design, all fans are suitable for hazardous atmospheres such as chemical plants and refineries.

The units can be water driven, air driven or hydraulic oil driven.

The Gas Freeing Range

Jetfan 65

Jetfan 65 Air Driven

The Jetfan 65 offers excellent ventilating capabilities for small to mid tonnage vessels. The rigid but lightweight all stainless steel construction ensures that the Jetfan 65 is totally portable and capable of being used in virtually any location.

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