Nemesis Boarding Deterrent

The Nemesis 5000 machine is a high pressure vessel boarding deterrent and is driven by seawater at pressures of between 3.5 and 5 bar from the vessel’s fire water system. Installation does not require any class approval as it does not affect the design or operation of the fire system.

The system works by producing high pressure water jets which, when multiple machines are used, creates a moving curtain of water around the ship. The machine is designed to only send water below the horizontal, this ensures the best use of available water. Machines are mounted over the side of the ship either from the hand rail or the fish plate, approximately 20m apart around the vessel.


  • Visual and physical non lethal deterrent.
  • Un-manned, so no risk to crew.
  • Uses existing ship utilities.
  • Very low maintenance.
  • Utilises latest technologies to give a high level of protection with minimal expenditure.

Key Technical Points

  • 6 Nozzles – give more effective jet coverage and reduce possibility of boarding
  • Unique reaction drive system – no gears or turbine, minimum moving parts, lower maintenance costs
  • Twist lock nozzle fittings – aid quick and easy installation
  • Light weight – aids quick and easy installation
  • Compact size – aids quick and easy installation
  • Storage case option – reduces risk of damage and loss when stored
  • Low pressure start – will operate at low pressure while giving an effective jet
  • All components in 316L S.Steel – resistant to marine environment
  • Machines handed Port and Starboard – gives more effective jet during operation